Is period blood toxic?

Is Period Blood Toxic?


Only about half of period blood is actually blood. The rest consists of mucus, secretions, and endometrial tissue. A period is basically the “good stuff” that the uterus has been storing in case of a pregnancy. Menstruation contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride. This concoction provides a potential embryo with everything it needs to thrive. However, it also keeps the embryo from latching on too closely to the uterus wall, in case that would jeopardise the mother’s health(REF)
So no, period blood is definitely not toxic, and has actually been found to be a great fertiliser for plants!

The idea that period blood is toxic or sinful is unfortunately widespread across continents and cultures, but not in every culture. The common cause behind this stigma seems to be ignorance and fear surrounding the uterus.

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