Vision | Mission | Objectives | Code of Conduct


We recognise that stigmatisation, a lack of knowledge, and a lack of honest and open conversations around menstruation, present barriers to realising universal menstrual health. We work towards a society where no person suffers unnecessarily from poor menstrual health due to lack of access to information. Only by making scientifically accurate information about menstruation readily accessible to individuals and decision-makers alike, can we empower both menstruating and non-menstruating persons to make informed decisions on issues related to menstrual health.


Our mission is to educate and encourage curiosity about menstruation, and de-stigmatise menstruation.


Our objectives are to:

      • Collect and preserve menstrual artefacts;
      • Challenge and erase menstruation taboos;
      • Educate about menstruation;
      • Inspire and support the creation of new menstruation research;
      • Reach a diverse audience;
      • Cultivate public appreciation for the rich cultural diversity of menstruation management.

We shall seek to achieve these objectives by:

      • establishing an on-site museum open to all visitors;
      • holding classes and guided tours in the museum;
      • organising meetings and events in the museum;
      • supporting and organising campaigns;
      • supporting and encouraging research;
      • appointing one or more employees;
      • employing any other legitimate means that may be conducive to the achievement of the above goals.

Code of conduct

We advocate for equality of all persons and prescribe to intersectional feminist principles. Therefore, we strictly prohibits any discrimination based on disability, sex, age, socioeconomic status, education, ethnicity, or religion. This shall be reflected in all our materials and actions.

As such, we are committed to:

    • feminism and increasing gender equality;
    • challenging heteronormativity and cisnormativity;
    • be accessible to persons with disabilities;
    • decrease socioeconomic injustices;
    • anti-racism and encouraging cultural diversity;
    • empowering members of marginalised groups by sharing their stories and perspectives;
    • environmentalism, limiting negative environmental impact, and protecting biodiversity.

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